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“Our Story”

By Olufunke Odeyemi – Managing Director at Beloved Home Healthcare

I used to laugh with my mum because on the odd occasion she used to get her words and sentences mixed up in the months prior to my Dad’s passing. I did not think that there was a problem, she had always been bubbly and a little dizzy at times.

My dad passed away in 2005 and with hindsight, I think he covered up for her a little beforehand. Upon reflection, she had obviously started with the early onset of dementia. I have first-hand experience of being the last born dealing with a loved one in her own home for 6 years. I know what it is like for family and friends supporting the person with Dementia. It is a stressful and thankless experience.

A couple of months passed by and mum was doing uncharacteristic things such as wearing odd shoes. I decided that it was appropriate that she should visit her GP. This proved extremely difficult, she was reluctant to visit the Doctor. Finally after a couple of months of influencing and cajoling she relented. I took her to see her GP and he referred her to a nearby Clinic.

A month passed by before we visited the Clinic. Again my mum was apprehensive and confused as to what was going on. The Consultant asked her basic questions such as who was the King of her town, what was the Queen called. He gave her simple things to remember showing her a sheet with various drawings on it and asking what she remembered. He also asked her to carry out a few basic tasks I must say it was quite humiliating and I felt for her. It was very upsetting as you can imagine.

A couple of weeks later a Consultant called to see her at her home. I was present.  It was frightening she had a cough caused by an old age but I knew little about it until I undertook research and the health professionals could not give any specifics as to how the cough developed, how it could affect her and her behaviours. I visited her day and night whilst holding down a stressful job. It took over my life.

When we appoint carers we apply “the mums test” i.e. would we let this carer support and care for our loved one. We provide support and training for that carer. We want the carer to be part of our team and not to be just treated as a commodity. The industry statistics show that in the home care market there is 26% turnover of care staff annually in the sector. Our aim is to keep this at 10% and below.

I recognised that good home care can support a service user and their family in a very positive way. We are not selling home care, at Beloved Home healthcare we are selling trust. Clients and families have to take a leap of faith with us. They have to trust in us to do what we say we will do, and when we say we will do it. We have a huge responsibility to safeguard our client and care for them in a way which is dignified and respectful, whilst doing all we can to support their independence.

We at Beloved Home Healthcare see it as a privilege to support and care for somebody in their own home. We always have to remember that it is the clients’ home. As Managing Director I am adopting a very “hands-on” approach. I want to know every client we have and where appropriate every family. I encourage families to feedback to me personally on the services we are providing. We are all about providing true Person Centred Care. This is a fabulous journey that we have embarked upon, we aim to enhance/improve peoples’ lives for the better.”

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Beloved Home Care LLC offers a vast of skilled nurse and Aides services and assistance. At Beloved Home Health Care, we know the trusted Value of a solid relationship. we begin to build one with you from the very start with an in-house assessment to determine your needs. From there we develop a customized plan with you to meet those needs and address your specific goals and desires. Of course, an important part of this process is identifying your ideal caregiver.








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